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Guy Bird

Principal, Trade Policy, Natural Resource Management; Forest Sector
Guy Bird, working with both the private and public sector, is an international consultant with extensive and broadly-based experience in:
  • Enterprise and economic development,
  • Trade policy and trade development from an evaluation and implementation perspective in both developed and developing countries.
  • International negotiations, natural resource management in the context of sustainable development policy and practice focusing on the forest sector.
Mr. Bird obtained his direct international experience at Canada’s Mission to the European Union as Counsellor- Forest Sector, in Indonesia and as the Team Leader for the Evaluation of the Integrated Framework for least developed countries.
Languages: He is fluent in English (spoken and written) and French (spoken).
Lead Geographic Expert: European Union
Lead Subject Expert: Trade policy; Natural resource management; Forest sector.
Lead Technical Expert: Policy development; Negotiation.

Key Results Achieved:
  • The evaluation of the Integrated Framework to assess progress and make recommendations for future expansion, where he was the Team Leader- Evaluation Team. The recommendations are being applied to improve its effectiveness and extend the concept to additional Least Developed Countries (LDCs) (2003).
  • Acted as trainer, advisor and mentor to a team of Indonesian government professionals that assessed trade performance and developed appropriate policies and implementation strategies to facilitate economic growth, increase international trade, maximize benefits from the global trading system and support the development of small and medium enterprises. (SMEs) (2001/2002).
  • Organized the forest sector’s participation in a natural resource focused Ministerial Trade Mission to China which introduced new companies and saw the opening of a new wood products trade office in the market (2000).
  • Received a Head of Public Service Award for “Excellence in Policy” related to team work, international trade and the international movement of wood products (1999).

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