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"What is Capra doing with my information?"

Capra International Inc. is not interested in your information. When we collect information, for example as part of a survey, we do so in the interest of how that information relates to other information. We will NEVER sell your information to, or recklessly allow its dissemination to, third parties.

It should be noted however, that the Internet, by its nature, is NOT secure. Information submitted is passed through an insecure network on its way to the Capra Servers. Users are advised to exercise caution when submitting information to any website, including ours, and to ensure that sensitive information is not posted. To minimize the risk, we have introduced an SSL encryption to our surveys. This will reduce the chance that someone might "eavesdrop" on the transmission in order to see what you respond.

Capra’s privacy and security policies are totally aligned with the requirements of the Federal Government of Canada. In addition, Capra ensures that, in particular projects, a client’s unique requirements are fully implemented.

Any questions related to security and the privacy of the Capra Portal should be directed to our webmaster (