About Us

Capra International Inc. was incorporated in Ontario, Canada in April 1987. The company offers worldwide effective and efficient socio-economic consulting in policy and program development, as well as in evaluation, monitoring and assessment, using the services of its Consultant Network and its Partner Network.

In the area of evaluation, monitoring and assessment, Capra has executed over fifty projects. For details, please navigate to "Evaluation and Performance Measurement", which also provides links to major published reports.

In the area of governance, Capra’s services include: accountability and performance, values and ethics, as well as the related areas of capacity assessment and institutional strengthening, strategic planning, organizational planning and restructuring and decentralization.

In the areas of human resource planning, development and adjustment, Capra’s services include: Human resource needs assessment at the national, regional, local, industrial and company levels; approaches to productivity enhancement; labour adjustment of displaced workers (including individual and group assessment, job finding groups, work experience programs, training, self-employment support); as well as employability assessment and programming.

In the area of poverty reduction, Capra works with communities in a participatory planning environment to ensure buy-in and results-oriented programming.

In the area of education, Capra’s services include: Analysis and modernization of educational systems and programs; decentralization of education systems and planning for participatory governance.

In the area of technical and vocational training, Capra’s services include: Promotion of performance-based learning; competency analysis; planning of flexible training programs; curriculum and course design.

In the area of information technology, Capra’s services include: object-oriented analysis and design, software development and dynamic database-driven web presences. Capra provides these services using a wide range of development languages and toolkits, in both an on-site and remote capacity.

In the areas of marketing, trade facilitation and promotion, Capra’ services focus on trade and development and their contribution to poverty reduction.

Countries and languages. Apart from Canada, Capra’s consultants have served in more than forty countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, Africa and Europe, delivering services, among others, in English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic and Mandarin. To review our collective experience, we invite you to visit Capra's World.